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Aloha Kona Jewelry

Nancy is the designer and creator of Aloha Kona Jewelry,  "Handmade with Aloha" her custom work can be ordered for special events and special occasions. This Jewelry is handcrafted and made to order, these one of a kind pieces will dazzle at the wedding or corporate event. email Nancy at for a quote and consultation. 

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                                         Freedom Files

“Freedom Files" is a complete series of novelettes about ongoing civil liberty issues. Included is an overarching story that incorporates The Cancer Culture, The Weed War, The Surveillance State, Gun Games, and Corporate Control. Set 175 years in the future, a former President holds a class at The University of California at Berkeley to explore why the United States fell in the early part of the 21st century. Freedom renewed and battered by loss, the students spread their wings in a setting that is completely foreign to them and they find redemption for academic freedom and homage to those that stoked the flames of revolution. The Freedom Files exposes that which we refused to acknowledge, the poison that infected our society, the underbelly of our political system and offers solutions to fix the damage

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                                     The Cancer Culture

Freedom Files Book 1. They thought what they were eating was healthy, they thought the water they drank was safe, they thought the doctor was supposed to help; one word changed everything, Cancer. The novelettes firsthand account exposes a culture of lies at the highest levels of government and its ties to industries that drive social and economic manipulation.


                                   The Surveillance State

Freedom Files Book 3, What if the camera on your phone, computer, TV and security camera were watching you, recording your life? What if your school records, your medical records were no longer protected? What if the people who are controlling our government have crossed the line and everything you’ve ever done will be held against you. This is The Surveillance State and there is nowhere to hide.



                                            Gun Games

Freedom Files Book 4. Guns have been outlawed in the United States for two years. The first arrest of a teacher for the content of a lesson may lead to the final blow for academic freedom. Why were guns made illegal? Who profits the most from the new gun laws? Follow the money and the power into the darkness that hides behind good intentions.


                                          Corporate Control

Freedom Files Book 5, Corporations are people, money is power, fear has slithered into our conscious and the nation is divided. A new Civil War looms, as the United States dives head first into fascism. People are fed up and ready for a change, a new power has risen up that offers solutions to everyone's problems. This story explores the emergence of The United Corporations of the World.


Novels, Novellas, and Children's books

The Point Of Origin

By Duke and Nancy Kell

The answers to most of our questions have always been there, but our failure to connect the dots could mean the destruction of the human race. Archaeologist Tiffany Gerardo, and lab assistant Brian Brady, Find themselves entangled in a dangerous web. Guided by the Hopi's prophecy, and weaving through the foundation of what they thought they knew, they must find the truth. From the majestic Peaks of the Rocky Mountains, to the great mesas of the Southwestern Desert, this fast paced mystery & suspense thriller will captivate your imagination 

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Pearl's of Wisdom:

Pearl Makes Pono

by Nancy and Harley Kell

"Pearl Makes Pono" is the first book in the "Pearls of Wisdom" series. This exciting undersea adventure is set in a farmer's market of ocean creatures.In this first story, Pearl learns the Hawaiian value of "Pono", to always make right. The book also includes 9 bonus coloring pages!

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The Weed War

The Weed War, is the first book in the "Freedom Files" series, a collection of novellas about ongoing civil liberty issues. It is a philosophical story about the prohibition of marijuana and its ties to social and economic manipulation. Set 150 years in the future, a teacher uses the power of the written word and the Socratic Method to introduce freedom to his students.

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Hawaiian Heart:

The Soul Warrior's Journey

By Duke and Nancy Kell

They say some people are born with a Hawaiian Heart and forever drawn to protect the islands. "The Soul Warrior's Journey" is a tale of four such teenagers who set off into the unknown to save the island they call their home. 

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